Deer Park Varsity

Like many red-blooded American boys (and girls), I grew up playing team sports. One of the best lessons taught by team sports is that the individual’s goals are superseded by the team’s. You learn to block to free up the running back, set a screen for the team’s best jump shooter, or lay down a sacrifice bunt to advance the runner. Many tennis players come into high school without this mindset.

We woke up Friday to temperatures in the thirties, rain in the forecast, and puddles on the ground. Hours of waiting around and possible cancellation were clearly in the cards. I was very proud of the kids. Unlike players from many other teams, none of them complained, none of them stayed home, all of them hopped on the bus before the crack of dawn. They had given their word and committed to their team. I was really proud of them I thought it showed great character and, frankly, reflected well on their parents. They have really grasped the team sports mentality.

However, as expected, it was a day of waiting around in the cold and then getting canceled. Tournament season, much of which is in January and February, is always an adventure. The day ended on a bright note, as we stopped for lunch at Olive Garden. It was nice to be able to spend some time with the kids. Covid has robbed us of our overnight trips, and sitdown dinner opportunities have been rare. All in all, a surprisingly enjoyable day.

Chúc mừng năm mới!

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